The Bitter Suite III: Embrace



The Bitter Suite III: Embrace continues are adventure through the Dime with Ms. Leading and Hunter. The two of them have just met, and our protagonist is being lead around by his new chaperone. Meeting by the Church, they made their way to the Dime and watched the ladies there put on a performance, with a brief on stage appearance from the Pimp/Priest.

Ms. Leading pulls Hunter away from the crowd, and takes him back to her room. The sound of the crowd faded away as they walked through the halls, and she closed the door behind them.

Into The Lyrics


Darkness, hesitation
I fell into her arms
Breathe in, this is amazing
Breathe out, this is amazing
She removed her clothes and all of the world shined
Now that we’re alone all of the world shines

First hot breath, then cold hands
Intrusion, but aware
The fire inside was all light, and she bloomed
And I never knew life could ever be this good
The distant sighs, the clothes on the floor
The bedding a mess, she sings for more

We fall beneath the sea in the back of our hearts
And fail to breathe until we resurface again

She had the summer’s smile and winter’s skin
And all along, with words beyond me, she welcomed me in

We fall beneath the sea in the back of our hearts
And fail to breathe until we resurface
We fall beneath the sea in the back of our hearts
And fail to breathe until we resurface again


The two of them fall into each others arms, and Hunter totally gets laid here. Ms. Leading is doing her job, but she has a feeling that Hunter isn’t quite aware of the full situation. He just met this girl, who reminded him of his mom, so he followed her around for a while and he’s just going along with whatever she does. The prospect of having sex blows his mind, and this is a really intimate moment for him since it’s his first time and he’s completely out of his element here. Probably not how he expected his first night away from home to be. As they undress, we get the lyrical reference to breathing again, as Hunter is fixated on every small movement at the moment.

As they begin, we get two references in one line. Inner fire comes back, with a nod to the previous song in reference to libido, as well as describing Ms. Leading to have ‘bloomed’. This is again relating her to Ms. Terri, comparing the two in how they play similar roles in Hunter’s life. Yeah it’s weird.

The chorus hints that there’s more to the situation than just sex, as both of them feel a connection in their heart. ‘Fail to breathe’ as they connect physically and emotionally, stunted in their ability to fully compose themselves here.

Personal Thoughts

As far as I know there’s nothing in the music that calls back to a previous song so I left out that section this time. I’ve heard mixed things about this song from people. Some think it’s beautiful, as it describes sex in a very eloquent and intimate way, while I’ve seen others criticize the lyricism for being cheesy at times. The song is about someone in their late teens losing their virginity to a sex worker that reminds them of their mom who just died, so it’s hard for me to take the song away from the context of the story and see it as anything but a really awkward moment in Hunter’s life. Lyrics aside, the instrumentation is amazing and the last few minutes of the song give an amazing atmosphere.

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