Aquarius - Part II


This is a continuation of the previous post, Aquarius - Part I.

Eternal Rain


Suddenly I realize
every hero pays the price,
and with no hesitation
I give her the kiss of life

Dry land, don't cry on me,
how could I know?
The sky forgives no one
and the worst has yet to come

Soaking right down to the bone
in your eternal rain,
I give in to temptation
She was never meant to be saved

Dry land, don't cry on me,
how could I know?
The sky forgives no one
and the worst has yet to come


Aquarius could not live in the conditions of the tank provided to her by the man. She begged for countless hours, but the man could not part from her. He loved the wealth she brought, and he was too enamored by her mysticism. Unfortunately, this meant that Aquarius would come to die. The man, seeing his fallen prize and love, kisses her. Unaware to him though, was that Aquarius was the apocalypse equivalent of sleeping beauty. She awakes, full of life, as the ground below them is painted darker. The rain has come and it won’t stop until the world is completely flooded.

The man chose to keep her against her will. His selfishness and desire to keep her ushered the end, as he made the decision for all of his kind. Had he chosen to return her to her home, land and sea could continue apart. She has returned to him, but at what cost?

Drowning In The Flood


Calling S.O.S in deep despair
Please, teach me
how the hell do I breathe down there?
Waves crash on me, I can't hold my breath,
there's no coming up for a gasp of air

And as the tears fall on us now,
the chances are that I will drown
I've sacrificed all that I love and care about
drowning in the flood

Speak or forever hold your face,
mourning in the sunken city weeps
Steal my thunder in your tempest hail,
we'll surrender when the levee fails

Human corpses floating side by side,
washed up with the distant moonlit tide
Only she can save our sorry souls,
priceless freedom coming at a heavy cost

But I can't turn back hands of time,
she knows her purpose is to die
I've sacrificed all that I love and care about,
I'm drowning in the flood

I'm sorry, I'm sad with a sense of regret
It fills my lungs
It's not too late to suffocate
The price I will pay for what I've done...

We are trapped under the sea, 
but we made this ocean in one day
It takes my breath away

We were drowning, she was free,
now she's gone forever
I will pay, she takes my breath away

Will we live to tell the tale?
Is it worth the price we paid?
Are we praying for the sun,
or are we drowning in the flood?


The world is enveloped in water. Unprepared, mankind is rapidly turning extinct as thousands die to the flood. The man, arbiter of his race, sees the cataclysm around him, panicking as it takes him as well. With the water rising, humans cannot live. Their greed has gotten the best of them, and as they sought to take nature as their own, it retaliated.

Aquarius however, can live. She watches the horror around her, as those she only knew through a window, are taken by the wrath of her worldly deity. She is realizing that her life means their death. Had she been left to die alone, mankind would have continued to live. They would have made their decision to be the sole survivors on this planet. But now it is too late.

The two of them panic, trying to understand the changing world around them. They both realize she must die to stop the flood. Together they must make a decision for the fate of humanity. Will they pray for the return of the sun, abolishing this atmosphere of water, killing her? Or will they accept their fate fueled by greed, drowning in the flood, while only she can remain?



Without a reason left to live,
lonely air I breathe
And as she takes her final breath,
yesterday becomes a memory
as I am learning to let go of the dead

"Goodbye" she cries
as she slowly disappears into light
She vaporized peacefully

The silence resonates beyond
now that she is gone
Wish I could turn back hands of time
and die to save a thousand lives

With fear in your eyes, the time has come,
reveal the sun you hide
Tears melt the ice, the time has come
when death and love collide

My savior, I wait for her to return
Forgive me, I killed you to save us all

One final look into her eyes,
I watched her vaporize,
merging with the light

With fear in your eyes, the time has come,
reveal the sun you hide
Dry tears of mine, the time has come
when death and love collide


They have chosen the sun.

She sacrifices herself and halts the rainfall. As she dies the man holds her in his arms. He feels empty, as the one he loves willingly leaves his life. He knows it is for the best yet grief still takes him. As her life fades away, her body does as well. Vaporizing into the light, she is gone.

Although she has stopped the sky from continuing rain the damage has already been done. With the sun visible once more, the landscape has changed. A new ocean stretched the horizon, encompassing the land with little room for the survivors. Mankind is a shadow of what it was just moments ago.

The foreshadowing from The Point of No Return comes to fruition as ‘Tears melt the ice’. The sorrow of mass extinction comes as the sun melts the ice. Death and love collide in her final moments and the man longs for her. He hopes she will return some day in a new form, and that she will forgive him for the decision he made.

Celestial Elixir


Oh, I still hear the angels' song
whispered by a child that once belonged
With tears of joy so white,
the colour of a restless night,
more than a faint memory can provide
If years go by,
fear and pain will sustain in your eyes

She may never return, but I can wait forever
If we can't make amends,
I'll chase your rainbow till the end...

Find us a cure for your disease,
spare us your ancient remedy
If this is all I ever ask,
emptiness is all I ever had

Our lives are scarred from deep within,
scales grow all over our skin
A miracle is all I'll ever need
to cure them all,
holding onto my amphibian dream.

She may never return, but I can wait forever
If we can't make amends,
I'll chase your rainbow till the end...

Find us a cure for your disease,
spare us your ancient remedy
If this is all I ever ask,
emptiness is all I ever had

The calm that comes after the storm,
the tide that never reaches the shore
So heavenly your remedy
When love prevails,
swallowing the blood of enemies

She may never return, but I will wait forever
If we cannot make amends,
I'll chase your rainbow till the end...

Streams of light unite with water
running through our veins
Streams of blood like liquid,
love is running through our veins...


‘Oh, I still hear the angels’ song’ refers once again to The Point of No Return. He hears her heartbeat, still alive in the new ocean. She is nature. Although her body is gone she is greater than her flesh. The events of her life and death will always haunt the man, as he remembers her final moments.

At this point in the story, pretty much everyone I’ve talked to about this album says that the remaining humans drink her blood and become mermaids and go into the water. I really can’t find anything in the album to support this, except for the one line ‘Scales grow all over our skin’. Which could also be taken as a metaphor, or could be referencing the ‘amphibian dream’ that he has right after.

I believe that here the events of the story are basically done, and this song is all about reflection of the events. The man sees the cost of her life, he sees what mankind has done to itself and its surroundings, and he begs that we learn from our mistakes. We mistreat our planet, appreciating what it has only by taking from it. We’d rather gain riches than let nature be. The world will continue without us, if we choose not to take care of it, but it will wreak a devastating tragedy as we take our exit. We have to learn to take care of our surroundings if we have any hope of making it through the ages.

The end of the song is met with a reprise of the Streams chorus. The blood running through our veins, and the water that now surrounds everyone, will take it’s course. In this story humanity learned it’s lesson, but at a great cost.


Aquarius takes elements from science fiction in it’s pre-apocalyptic setting to give us a commentary on the nature of humanity. Parallel to that, elements from fantasy are portrayed in it’s characters and events to give us a commentary on different moral lessons. Most people that I’ve talked to seem to take the story at surface level, with a mermaid and a bunch of death, and I haven’t heard people give it much thought as to what Haken was trying to say. One of my main goals with this blog is to explore a deeper meanings behind concept albums, since they’re usually seen as overly complex and unnecessary by most people both in and out of the progressive genre. My belief as an artist is that we love to find, and to give meaning to things. There is an intent with each fable that we come across. Then again maybe some people just really like writing sci-fi/romance/fantasy/apocalyptic stories and turning them into music. Either way I found something in this album that I wasn’t aware of before writing this, and hopefully the moral wasn’t lost on me.

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