My name is Nick Weber, and I’m a musician and educator. I started playing guitar over a decade ago, and since have taken on other instruments, such as bass, piano, and cello. I began with private lessons under classical guitarist George Schmidt, and recently started my own private lesson practice. A majority of my early learning came from studying and practicing classic rock, blues, and metal guitar. Over the years I’ve also studied jazz and classical guitar, as well as extensive studying of music theory.

I started True Name Music as an opportunity to grow into more than a musician, as a teacher and analyst, with hopes to do other types of projects in the future. I began a blog exploring the narrative and musical ideas in concept albums, and created my own music project, Eyes of the Earth. I’m always attempting to learn more and gain skills to help me as a musician, writer, teacher, and artist. Thank you for having an interest in my work, feel free to contact me with questions.



Eyes of the Earth